🌸Welcome to Yomutra, I'm Vics 🌸

What a huge pleasure it is to have you here. I believe Yoga and Mindfulness can support your physical structure through movement, coordination and stretch as well as nourish your mental and emotional wellbeing and balance. So come and practice with us and let me empower you from your centre!

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With everyone practicing at home it can be difficult to find the right equipment

Q: What Yoga equipment do I need?

A: Given the uncertain times we find ourselves in, we’ve been practicing at home for a while, meaning we’ve needed to make yoga spaces right? I recommend  Yoga Mad, they have decently priced yoga gear to suit everyone, as well as fitness stuff too. Check them out below, make a space at home move some furniture and I’ll see you on the mat/towel/pillow/bed!

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