Free 21 Day Mindful You

Challenge - 5th Feb 2021

Hey beautiful Humans! 

January has been an unbelievably tough month for many… If you’ve found this page it means you are looking for some mindfulness in your daily routine, or perhaps you are looking to set up new routines to help you maintain calm during the storm. This course is suitable for everyone as it will simply give you some tips and tools to use at home to create a meaningful mindfulness practice. The benefits of mindfulness are limitless, come, and practice with a group this February. 



This is the MOST important thing. If you feel you can commit, go for it. If you know your cup is already TOO FULL, then don’t leave your details this time. 


Have a notebook and pen handy before starting the course. There will be plenty of opportunity to write notes and reflections. Keep it in your mindful space. 

A mindful place

I recommend choosing a place in your house or garden where you will practice your mindfulness. The brain and mind LOVE repetition, so even the same place will work best. 

Join the course starting 5th of February 21

This course is free and you will be sent your daily class the evening before

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