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I am Vics, and I am the founder of Yomutra. Yomutra stands for Yoga, Music and Travel - my three big passions. From October 2020, I'll hopefully be playing some live music in class.

I have been teaching Yoga since 2014 and trained in India. I am in my final year of training towards a Masters of Osteopathy, and by summer 2021, I will be a qualified Osteopath! I believe that Yoga and Osteopathy work beautifully together and feel i've really grown my own practice and teaching skills through studying Osteopathy. I believe Yoga gives us a window into ourselves, inevitably looking within ourselves through exploring the hundreds of yogic practices helps us to gain what I call our centre, and can help us maintain calm when our external world is stormy.

I love teaching Yoga and hope to see you in a class soon. I believe Yoga is more of an internal practice and is nothing to do with touching your toes. I teach multiple different styles, each style has a different intention.

Styles I teach:
Ashtanga - A dynamic sequence designed to strengthen and stretch the whole body whilst working the breathing mechanisms through Ujjayi breath technique.
Yin Yoga - Yin Yoga is my favourite style. I love to create an atmosphere that is welcoming and cosy. The style is very mindful with floor based postures that are held for a period of minutes .
Prenatal Yoga - I trained in India with a highly experienced teacher. Along with my training through Osteopathy, I provide a nourishing and calming space for ladies to release tension and work on maintaining their centre with baby in mind.
Kids Yoga - Another Favourite! Groups of children are so impressive when you get them to do mindfulness techniques, I'd say i've learnt more from them than they have from me. I am hoping to start teaching kids again soon.

AcroYoga - So cool! an acrobatic style of Yoga for all ages you have a partner who either bases you or you base them. You lift eachother up and perform postures in the air . Have a look on You tube at Acroyoga to find out more.

Yoga Nidra - How many favourites am I allowed? This is a guided meditation, the students get cosy and comfortable lying down and the 8 step guided process begins. It is similar to a guided theraputic hypnotherapy in that the student goes into deep relaxation. A very healing style indeed.

Hatha Yoga - The traditional style upon which all other styles are based. Hatha Yoga is commonly taught by first practicing the sun salutations, followed by the standing sequence followed by balance postures followed by seated postures and back bends and then a rest at the end.

Interested in becoming a yoga teacher?

Becoming a yoga teacher is one of the most rewarding things you can ever do. As an experienced Yoga Teacher trainer, I can offer lots of tips and tricks on how to choose the right course for you, in the right location with the right styles and teachers. Of course, I believe there's something great about all teacher trainings... (Bikram's gone right?)

The most important thing about deciding to undertake a training is to decide how long your course should be, and whether you'd like to travel far for it. The longer further away ones are very intense, they require you get up every day at 5:30 for a month, to do morning silence and meditation. My heart sings remembering this, however it gets really tough sometimes.

You also have the option to become a yoga teacher over an extended period of time, in your home town. Most studios have a program so check them out. Ultimately if you're serious about becoming a teacher, you'll do more than one course in your lifetime so choose a course that will be a good intro for you. Good luck .

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