Victoria Thomas Osteopath and Yoga Instructor

I am a fully qualified and registered Osteopath with a Masters degree in Osteopathy. I was awarded a first class honours Masters degree (4 year course), I am a registered and insured Yoga Instructor with over 2000 hours of teaching experience. If you’d like to book an appointment for a 15 minute zoom call to discuss your needs please contact me on


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⭐️ Yomutra stands for Yoga, Music and Travel – my three big passions. My teaching career in Yoga started in 2014 when I trained in India, I discovered a whole world over there and never looked back. After 2 years living and working in India as a teacher trainer and Anatomy teacher, I came back to the UK to study Osteopathy.

⭐️ Now I practice as an Osteopath treating patients of all ages at SOUTHCOTE PROACTIVE HEALTHCARE – a multi disciplinary healthcare centre.

⭐️ Yoga gives us a window into ourselves and helps us to find what our centre, and can help us maintain calm when our external world is stormy. I love teaching Yoga and hope to see you in a class soon. I believe Yoga is more of an internal practice and is nothing to do with touching your toes. You can find me teaching multiple styles as I love many of them too. 

Interested in becoming a yoga teacher?

Becoming a yoga teacher is one of the most rewarding things you can ever do. As an experienced Yoga Teacher trainer, I can offer lots of tips and tricks on how to choose the right course for you, in the right location with the right styles and teachers. Of course, I believe there’s something great about all teacher trainings… The most important thing about deciding to undertake a training is to decide how long your course should be, and whether you’d like to travel far for it. The longer further away ones are very intense, they require you get up every day at 5:30 for a month, to do morning silence and meditation. My heart sings remembering this, however it gets really tough sometimes.


You also have the option to become a yoga teacher over an extended period of time, in your home town. Most studios have a program so check them out. Ultimately if you’re serious about becoming a teacher, you’ll do more than one course in your lifetime so choose a course that will be a good intro for you. Good luck. 


This year I will be teaching on ANATOMY COURSES both through a London Yoga School and through the Yomutra platform. Please let me know if you are struggling with your anatomy, accessible Yoga classes or anything Yoga teaching related. If you’d like more info on courses click the link below. 



Pre-Reg for the Anatomy coures this year are open now. 20 Hour/50 Hour anatomy top up and advanced training. Click below to leave your details or find out more. 

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