Yin Yoga Workshop at Southcote:

It has been a while since we've met in the studio and I'm very much looking forward to seeing you soon. You are invited to join me for a nourishing, mindful and grounding Autumn Yin Yoga Workshop. The Admin first: The space will be organized to give the required space between people and mats. The maximum numbers for this Workshop is 8. The Studio will be cleaned before your arrival. All precautions will be taken to ensure this is a very safe event.

The workshop will start with a welcome chat and a little bit of info about the practice. All practices will be fully inclusive and modifications will be given for everything.
🟣 We will start with a lovely reminder of what the practice means and why it can be beneficial to your health and wellbeing. A little bit of technique around safe practice and time to ask questions or take notes for home practice. I want everyone to leave with the intention of integrating some of the practices into their daily life to support their wellbeing.

🟣 We will then do some breathing techniques (no forced exhalation due to spreading particles) and we'll cover the technique and benefits.

🟣 After breathing techniques, we will practice some Yin Yoga for the physical and mental bodies. This will be a series of floor-based postures, designed to ease your physical and mental bodies into their centre. The postures are held for a few minutes to give the body time to unwind around the gentle 'good' stress we've placed on them. Much more about this on the day. Have a look at www.yinyoga.com for a little insight in to the practice if it's new to you. Suitable for all levels and abilities. Pregnant ladies welcome from the second trimester with modifications.

🟣 Lastly we will finish with two meditation styles. The first one is seated and will be an active guided body scan technique great for those who are a little out of practice or new to meditation. The second one is the delicious one - Nidra or yogic sleep. This is a guided meditation where the practitioner lies down on the floor in a comfortable position and the facilitator guides the group through a various stages to achieve the ultimate relaxation.

🗂 - Pricing The workshop is pre-payable with 8 places available at £18 . If you are going to be a regular in the Thursday classes you are eligible to pay the reduced £14 . This includes the workshop, tea and a little handout for your home practice. Booking: https://instabook.io/s1/yomut

Yoga Therapy

Victoria offers One 2 One Yoga Therapy sessions online (zoom) and in the studio . If you'd like to discuss how this may be useful to aiding you in your wellbeing, please click below to contact Vics directly.
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