Saturday morning Ashtanga 8:30am (60 Minutes)

Ashtanga Yoga 

Ashtanga Yoga – (translates to 8 limbs Yoga) is a Dynamic Yang Practice based on  a sequence that is practiced the same every time. Most Ashtanga Yogis practice 6 days a week – although these days I only practice 2-3 a week. The full Primary series takes around 1.5-2 hours to complete with all it’s variations of postures, some of which are very advanced postures. I teach a modified version of this which means  people can join and not get left behind. Below is an example of the full primary series. In total there are 6 series – based on the same sequence but increasingly challenging. I personally won’t be aiming to get to the other series’ as I find pushing my body too far is not so great for my joints as I’m hyper mobile – If you want to Read more about that head over to the Blog Page where I’ve recently posted about Hypermobility.



Here's a Youtube Class taught by the lovely Lesley Fightmaster - Check it out

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