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A little bit about your Yoga Teachers at Yomutra.....

If you have any questions, type them in below.

Luisa and I are super excited to continue to teach yoga online through zoom. We offer multiple styles of yoga to suit a range of people. We are very happy to go through anything with you before class so do get in touch if you have quieries. We have been yoga teachers for many years and no question is silly. As yoga teacers who normally teach in the studio in Maidstone, we have experience with Beginners.

yoga for back pain

Yoga for back pain.

People often ask if Yoga for lower back pain works? Hello Readers! One thing is for sure…. Back Pain is a B**** – It can

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Interested in becoming a yoga teacher?

Becoming a yoga teacher is one of the most rewarding things you can ever do. As an experienced Yoga Teacher trainer, I can offer lots of tips and tricks on how to choose the right course for you, in the right location with the right styles and teachers. Of course, I believe there's something great about all teacher trainings... (Bikram's gone right?)

The most important thing about deciding to undertake a training is to decide how long your course should be, and whether you'd like to travel far for it. The longer further away ones are very intense, they require you get up every day at 5:30 for a month, to do morning silence and meditation. My heart sings remembering this, however it gets really tough sometimes.

You also have the option to become a yoga teacher over an extended period of time, in your home town. Most studios have a program so check them out. Ultimately if you're serious about becoming a teacher, you'll do more than one course in your lifetime so choose a course that will be a good intro for you. Good luck .

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