🍂Autum Timetable🍂
Southcote Studio in Maidstone

Starting on the THURSDAY the 1st of October classes will resume at the studio and will also be live streamed through zoom.

General Yoga Class

 Pure Yin – 7:45pm (75 minutes) THURSDAYS 

The regulars will remember this class as the original YIN . Floor based for the whole 75 minutes. A pure Yin practice based on the fusion of traditional chinese medicine and Indian Yoga . Designed to stretch you, release all tension in the body and bring you back to your centre. This class will have some breathing technique and meditation included. 

Pricing: Drop in available £12
Monthly Class passes: £38 – for 4 sessions, flexible if you’re sick – you are welcome to postpone one session per month.
ONLINE PRICES: Drop in £8, Monthly class passes (4 sessions) £28

Special feature: LIVE MUSIC  – the MU in Yomutra is Music , and i’d love to play my guitar, singing bowls , chimes and sometimes sing to you.

Pre-Natal Yoga  – 6.30pm (60 minutes) – THURSDAYS *


Yoga for Pregnancy is a style of yoga designed to support you through your amazing experience of growing another human. 

The classes will be a mixture of breathing and meditation and Yoga sequences to support you physically and emotionally through this incredible time. Class sizes are small to ensure you’re really well looked after. 

🌿 Pre-Natal Yoga can promote sleep, reduce stress and anxiety and increase strength and flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth. 

🌿 Pregnancy Yoga can also help you to meet and bond with a community of ladies, this is the best part! 

Pricing and course information coming soon! 

The Workshop: The workshop will start with a welcome chat and a little bit of info about the practice. All practices will be fully inclusive and modifications will be given for everything.
We will start with a lovely reminder of what the practice means and why it can be beneficial to your health and wellbeing. A little bit of technique around safe practice and time to ask questions or take notes for home practice. I want everyone to leave with the intention of integrating some of the practices into their daily life to support their wellbeing.
We will then do some breathing techniques (no forced exhalation due to spreading particles) and we'll cover the technique and benefits.
After breathing techniques, we will practice some Yin Yoga for the physical and mental bodies. This will be a series of floor-based postures, designed to ease your physical and mental bodies into their centre. The postures are held for a few minutes to give the body time to unwind around the gentle 'good' stress we've placed on them. Much more about this on the day. Have a look at www.yinyoga.com for a little insight in to the practice if it's new to you. Suitable for all levels and abilities. Pregnant ladies welcome from the second trimester with modifications.

Lastly we will finish with two meditation styles. The first one is seated and will be an active guided body scan technique great for those who are a little out of practice or new to meditation. The second one is the delicious one - Nidra or yogic sleep. This is a guided meditation where the practitioner lies down on the floor in a comfortable position and the facilitator guides the group through a various stages to achieve the ultimate relaxation.

🗂 - Pricing The workshop is pre-payable with 8 places available at £18 . If you are going to be a regular in the Thursday classes you are eligible to pay the reduced £14 . This includes the workshop, tea and a little handout for your home practice. Booking: https://instabook.io/s1/yomutra

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